• Gain detailed knowledge in the concepts of BI data mining and they learn how to create and execute data mining models using BI tools.
  • Understand how to position an use the BI Analysis Process Designer.


  • Customers and consultants with BI experience
  • Consultants and Customers in CRM looking to get base knowledge of Data mining to support more complex CRM marketing scenarios.



  • None


  • BW305 BI – Enterprise Reporting, Query & Analysis (Part I)
  • BW310 BI – Enterprise Data Warehousing

Course based on software release

  • SAP NetWeaver 7.3


  • Principles of data mining
  • Data problems
  • Architecture of BI data mining
  • Framework and methods of BI data mining
  • BI data mining – tools, especially the Analysis Process Designer (APD)
  • Complex Uses for the APD